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Home » 2007 » October » 17 » Cakewalk.Sonar.v7.0.Producer.Edition.DVDR-DYNAMiCS + SONAR Producer 701 patch
Cakewalk.Sonar.v7.0.Producer.Edition.DVDR-DYNAMiCS + SONAR Producer 701 patch

Cakewalk.Sonar.v7.0.Producer.Edition.DVDR-DYNAMiCS + SONAR Producer 701 patch

SUPPLiER..: TEAM BEAT DiSKS...: 1 DVD 3,37 Gb.
CRACKER...: TEAM BEAT DATE....: 1016 2007
(32 and 64-bit)



Unlimited potential

SONAR 7 Producer Edition places no limits on your track count, bus
routing, effect or instrument inserts, and includes an ample array of
audio effects, virtual instruments, and innovative technologies to
power your productions. These include the precision LP-64 EQO & LP-64
MultibandO linear phase mastering plug-ins, Z3TA+O Waveshaping
Synthesizer, DimensionO LE and RaptureO LE, Active Controller
TechnologyO, AudioSnapO, and much more. These are complemented by two
Roland« virtual instruments and the V-VocalO processor, the Lexicon
Pantheon Reverb, Perfect Space Convolution Reverb powered by Voxengo,
VC-64 Vintage ChannelO powered by Kjaerhus Audio, AudioSnapO rendering
with iZotope Radius, POW-r dithering, thousands of instrument sounds,
over a gigabyte of sample content, and much more.

Powered by the latest technology

SONAR takes full advantage of the power of your machine; it's a
powerhouse on today's multi-core PCs and Intel-based Macs (using
Bootcamp). You can feel confident that you'll never be left behind, no
matter how technology changes. Cakewalk has been first to innovate on
Windows Vista, x64 processing, multi-core and multi-processor support,
and 64-bit double precision audio quality, and SONAR incorporates it
seamlessly so all you need to think about is making music.

Make it your own

SONAR gives you the freedom to configure your studio to meet your
unique needs. It's compatible with your choice of WDM or ASIO hardware
from the stock sound card that ships with your PC all the way up to an
SSL AWS 900+ console. If you're switching to SONAR you can load
presets of keystrokes from your favorite applications or you can make
your own. It features the best support for control surfaces and MIDI
controllers, and you can expand your creative abilities with DSP
cards, and third party VST, DirectX, and ReWire effects and
instruments. Plus you can customize menus, toolbars, layouts, channel
presets, track icons, color schemes, and more just the way you want

Backed by unparalleled support

SONAR is developed by musicians who listen, understand, and respond to
the discerning needs of our customers, including Grammy and Emmy
winning producers, engineers, and composers. When you choose SONAR,
you are getting a complete package that includes regular updates,
affordably priced upgrades, an unbeatable user forum, and the backing
of world class customer service and support that has made Cakewalk the
musician's favorite for over 20 years.

Create with SONAR 7

* Record and edit unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI with effects on

* Get the perfect take with the best comping, editing, and take
management tools available

* Create and edit MIDI in new and intuitive ways with an integrated
Step Sequencer, Smart MIDI Tools, and other extensive MIDI

* Use AudioSnap to non-destructively fix audio timing, make instant
tempo changes to an entire project, lock multiple tracks into the
same grooveueven quantize multiple tracks in relation to each other.
All with unmatched audio fidelity

* Perfect your vocals with Roland« V-VocalO editor, providing pitch
correction, phrasing, dynamics, and vibrato now with Pitch to MIDI

* Make music with thousands of amazing instruments sounds from Z3TA+
waveshaping synthesizer, Dimension LE (including Garritan Pocket
Orchestra), Rapture LE, Session DrummerO 2; TTS-1 and Groove Synth
(with genuine Roland sounds); PSYN-II subtractive synth; Drop Zone
and RXP REX samplers and more

* Use Active Controller Technology (ACT) to get total control of
virtual instruments, effects, and mixing from your MIDI controllers
and control surfaces. Change your focus and ACT automatically remaps

* Connect any Windows-compatible MIDI devices, control surfaces, and
WDM or ASIO audio interfaces

* Control and automate your virtual instruments with the enhanced
Synth Rack. Group controls from multiple instruments together for
ultimate tweakability

* Create backing tracks fast with MIDI groove clips, ACIDO-format
loops, and RXPO REX player

* Expand your sound with integrated support for VST, DirectX, and
ReWire instruments and effects

* Score to video with a thumbnail track and output to 1394 FireWire

* Personalize SONAR's look and feel with a user configurable
interface. Put your favorite features right at your fingertips

Polish with SONAR 7

* Mix with superior sonic clarity using SONAR's industry-first, end-
to-end, 64-bit double precision floating point mix engine
(accessible on 32-bit computers).

* Sweeten your mix with professional effects: Boost 11 Peak Limiter, a
new Linear Phase EQ and Multiband Limiter, VC-64 Vintage Channel,
Perfect SpaceO Convolution Reverb, Lexicon PantheonO Reverb,
Sonitus:fx Suite, and moreu34 audio and 8 MIDI effects in all

* Mix projects with complete flexibility using SONAR's configurable
console view, Universal Bus Architecture, true surround busses, bus
waveform preview, configurable metering with real-world ballistics,
and unlimited tracks, busses, sends and inserts

* Achieve a new level of mix sophistication with internal sidechaining
for Sonitus:fx Compressor, Sonitus:fx Gate, and VC-64 Vintage

* Keep tracks tight with automatic plug-in delay compensation for both
internal plug-ins and outboard hardware effects

* Automate your mix, instrument, and effect parameters with freehand
and pattern-based envelopes, and individual read and write control
of all tracks, instruments, and effects

* Freeze tracks, instruments, and effects to conserve processing

* Take your productions deeper with scalable load balancing for multi
-processor and multi-core computers. 8 cores and beyond

* Deliver audio at virtually any bit-depth, and sample rate (up to 64
-bit, 500 kHz). Native 64-bit audio is the highest quality in the

* Ensure pristine quality with POW-r dithering and Windowed Sinc
sample rate conversion

* Deliver audio and video in virtually any format including ? Sony
Wave-64, AIF, CAF, FLAC, SD2, WAV, QuickTime, MP3, WMA. Export to
OMFI and Broadcast WAV for collaboration with Pro Tools and other

* Upload songs directly to the Internet and build song players for
your website, with Cakewalk Publisher

* Burn your mixes directly to CD with integrated CD burning

* Includes 32-bit version for Windows XP/Vista and a 64-bit version
for use with Windows Vista x64 Edition. Experience 20-30% processing
performance gains and access up to 128 GB of RAM on x64

New features in SONAR 7 Producer Edition

* Integrated Step Sequencer view provides the most innovative step
sequencer feature set available in any DAW today

* Smart MIDI Toolsuintuitively use one tool for multiple editing
tasks; completely customizable

* Real-time Drag-Quantize allows selected notes and events to be
quickly aligned with snap settings

* Multilane controller editing in Piano Roll view; controller data can
be moved/copied across lanes; multiple controls can be viewed/edited
per lane to economize screen real estate

* MIDI display features including MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Meters, and
Velocity Colorizer

* Enhanced MIDI editing with functions for splitting, gluing, and
muting notes

* More ACT (Active Controller Technology) presets for popular hardware

* New instruments: Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer, Dimension LE
(featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Rapture LE, and DropZone
Sample player/synth; Over 1000 instruments sounds

* Roland V-Vocal 1.5, now with Pitch to MIDI conversion

* LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering compressor/limiter with AutoQ

* LP-64 EQ linear phase mastering EQ with 20-point control curve

* Internal sidechaining for Sonitus:fx Compressor, Sonitus:fx Gate,
VC-64 Vintage Channel, and 3rd party VST plug-ins with sidechain
(multi-input) capability

* External Insert Plug-in let's you insert and mix with external
hardware effects and instruments with automatic delay compensation

* Boost 11 Peak Limiter

* Dim Solo keeps tracks in context by reducing volume of unsoloed
tracks by 6, 12, or 18 dB instead of muting

* Drag & drop EQ settings across channels in the console view

* Shortcuts for assigning a series of audio inputs, and routing
selected tracks/busses to the same input/output/main

* Original SMPTE time stamps now stored with clips with easy revert to
original time stamp

* Right-click at cursor to Import audio/MIDI data

* Wave-64 support provides capabilities to record large scale (2 GB+)

* High bandwidth multi-track recording optimizations

* New file format import/export options including Sony Wave-64, AIF,
CAF, FLAC, Sound Designer II

* Integrated Audio CD ripping and burning

* Cakewalk Publisher 2.0 for uploading and presenting music online

Producer Edition plug-ins

SONAR 7 Producer Edition includes an extensive array of virtual
instruments and studio-quality effects:


* NEW! Dimension LE (with Garritan Pocket Orchestra)ureal instruments
and advanced synthesis

* NEW! Rapture LEumodern synthesized sounds

* NEW! Z3TA+uincredible analog-style sound shaping capibilities

* NEW! DropZoneudrag & drop sampler and REX loop Editor.

* Pentagon I uvintage analog sounds

* PSYN IIufull-featured subtractive synthesis

* RXPuREX player groove box

* Session Drummer 2uvirtual drum instrument

* Roland TTS-1uGM2 Roland« synthesizer

* Roland GrooveSynthuGenuine groove box and synthesizer sounds

* SFZuSoundFont sampler

* CycloneuGroove sampler

Audio Effects

* NEW! LP-64 EQulinear phase mastering EQ

* NEW! LP-64 Multibandulinear phase multiband limiter/compressor

* NEW! Boost 11 upeak limiter

* Updated! VC-64 Vintage Channeluchannel strip and dynamics processor
(now with side-chaining) powered by Kjaerhus Audio

* Updated! Roland V-Vocal 1.5uvocal processor (now with pitch to MIDI

* Perfect SpaceuConvolution Reverb powered by Voxengo

* Sonitus:fx seriesusuite of studio-quality effects
* Compressor (now with sidechaining)
* Delay
* Equalizer
* Gate (now with sidechaining)
* Modulator
* Multiband
* Phase
* Reverb
* Surround
* Surround Compressor
* Wahwah

* Lexicon Pantheonuthe legendary Lexicon found in pro studios

* Analystuspectrum analyzer

* BitMeterumonitor digital activity of audio

* Amp Simuclassic and modern guitar tones

* Tape Simusimulate the warm sound of tape

* Time/Pitch Processorushift time and pitch audio

* DSP-FX seriesuclassic Cakewalk effects
* Compressor
* Delay
* Equalizer
* Flange
* Reverb

MIDI Effects

* Arpeggiator

* Quantize

* Echo/Delay

* Transpose

* Velocity

* Event Filter

* Chord Analyzer

Producer Edition Exclusives

SONAR 7 comes in two versions, Producer Edition and Studio Edition.
SONAR 7 Producer Edition contains the following exclusive features.

* NEWu LP-64 EQO linear phase mastering EQ

* NEWu LP-64 MultibandO linear phase mastering compressor/limiter

* NEWu Z3TA+O waveshaping synthesizer

* NEWu VC-64 Vintage ChannelO with sidechaining capabilities

* NEWu Roland V-VocalO 1.5 with Pitch to MIDI conversion

* AudioSnapO multitrack audio quantize

* Surround mixing in over 30 formats

* SurroundBridgeO technology to use stereo FX in surround

* Sonitus Surround Compressor

* POW-r dithering

* PSYNO II subtractive synthesizer

* PentagonO I Analog Modeling Synth

* RXPO groove instrument with REX file support

* Perfect SpaceO Convolution Reverb

* Lexicon« PantheonO Reverb

System Requirements

System Requirement Minimum Recommended

Operating System* Windows XP Windows XP/Vista
(32 and 64-bit),
can be run on Mac
OS X with Boot Camp

Processor Speed Intel« Pentium« 4 Intel« Pentium« 4
1.3 GHz or AMD 2.8 GHz [EM64T]
AthlonO XP 1500+ AMD AthlonO 64 2800+
Or higher Or higher

RAM 256 MB 1 GB or higher

Graphics 1024x768, 16-bit 1280x960, 24-bit
color color or higher

Hard Disk Space 100 MB for 6 GB
full program

Hard Disk Type Any EIDE/Ultra DMA
(7200 RPM) or SATA

MIDI Interface** Windows-compatible

Audio Interface*** Windows-compatible WDM- or ASIO-

Media Drive***** DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, or DVD+/- RW Drive

* SONAR does not officially support Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or
XP x64

** Required to connect external MIDI devices

*** Required for audio playback

**** See www.cakewalk.com/PCResource for a complete list of recommended
audio devices

***** SONAR is presented on DVD media. DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, or DVD+/- RW
Drive required for installation.

NOTE: Special Thanks goes to Team BEAT for supplying this release and
generating the Serial Numbers and their Registration Codes as well.


Unrar, Burn or mount the image, Install
Use the following information to register the product

Download: (only for Musician & Moderator Group)


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