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Home » 2008 » August » 18 » Sonic Reality R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit - WAV REX AiFF Apple Loops DVDR
Sonic Reality R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit - WAV REX AiFF Apple Loops DVDR
Sonic Reality R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit - WAV REX AiFF Apple Loops DVDR

Price: $299.00   4 DVDs

Electrifying Inspiration meets Outstanding Flexibility

Sonic Reality is proud to deliver one of the most powerful and flexible loop collections ever created. The included content spans a wide range of grooves in many different styles such as R&B, Funk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Latin, Blues, TV/Film Scoring, and many more!

R.A.W. features over 5,000 loops, each in three expertly sliced formats. The REX and Acidized WAV libraries are supported by an extensive list of DAW applications and samplers such as, Reason, Stylus RMX, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar/Project 5, Acid Pro, FL Studio 6, NI Kontakt, MOTU MachFive / Digital Performer, and many more. These formats offer flexibility to work with different environments while maintaining the ease of use and quality you need to put your R.A.W. collection to work. Apple users can take full advantage of the R.A.W. Apple Loops library with applications such as Garage Band, Soundtrack, and Logic. Apple Loops contain a unique tagging feature, which allows for ultimate sorting, searching, and organization of your files.
Neatly Organized
Drums (DRM)

The "DRM" folders are of acoustic and electronic drum kit grooves. These range from a raw acoustic studio sound to fully produced and processed drums that are ready to go for a mix where they fit stylistically. One of the nice things about having such a variety of both processed and unprocessed loops is that you have the best of both worlds in terms of instant inspiration and flexibility for producing grooves exactly how you like them using your sampler or DAW's effects. In this section a variety of different acoustic and electronic drums have been recorded all over the world in some of the best studios. You even have a diverse selection of loops taken from Sonic Reality and Joytown Production's "Studio ProFile" sessions featuring many unique styles and famous artists as well as the best variety of classic and new Sonic Reality, Qup Arts and other sought after grooves that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars to obtain this much variety.
2. Percussion (PRC)

The "PRC" folders are acoustic and electronic percussion loops. Many of these are meant to be layered (like the "groove elements" of section 5) with either other percussion loops or the DRM drum loops. Whether you want to build up tribal rhythms, latin flavored grooves or simply add shaker, tambourine, congas and other percussion to a drum track, this section offers a large variety of different percussion from all over the world to spice up your track and add feel.
3. Instruments (INS)

The "INS" Instruments section is a nice addition to the R.A.W. library because it offers the chance to play around with a diverse range of instrument loops. Perhaps the most useful will be the bass lines and various guitar riffs which can often even be re-pitched independently of the tempo depending on which sampler or DAW you use (consult your sampler or DAW's owner's manuals for more information on what you can do with these loop formats of REX, Apple Loops or Wave). However, we've also included miscellaneous stringed instruments, wind instruments, horn sections and more for experimentation. With over 5,000 loops in RAW there's a great variety of choices and while one random Viola lick may be of no use to one person it could be the crucial inspiration of another person's song. So, the idea of all of the loops in general and particularly the instrument section is to have a place to hunt for all kinds of different sounds that may inspire you or happen to work in the music you're working on at the time. The great thing about their formats is that they offer tempo and pitch flexibility and more so you have more options to see if they fit together or along with your music. Keep in mind that these grooves are played with different feels and degrees of loose or tight playing. Often times you can groove quantize the loops to fit together or along with your music just right (consult the owner's manual of your software for options on doing this).
4. Effects (FX)

The "FX" folders have all kinds of various effects from film score to video game to electronic, acoustic and other musical sound effects and more. Some effects as well as the Dimension folder in the DRM section have 3D panning built-in for really outrageous spatiality. You never know what might be useful for the track you're working on. Slowing them down or up, re-pitching and processing can yield an incredible variety of interesting results. With the effect section as well as the entire RAW library, you can think of the collection as both a set library of loop material to choose from as well as the starting point for creative sound design and production.
5. Groove Elements (GE)

The last section called "GE"* is for "groove elements" which are pieces of grooves broken down so you can mix and match them to create an almost infinite amount of NEW composite grooves using both the other groove elements as well as the percussion and other loops within the RAW collection. You have broken down grooves such as individual hi hat patterns that you can lay over a variety of different kick and snare patterns and much more. This is a place to experiment with tremendous control and flexibility. When formats like the REX versions are used in samplers that can map out the individual slices within the loop, this section is even more ideal for playing the sounds of the loop because they are more sparse with individual hits and longer decays. In this section and all together you have well over 50,000 different slices you could play as single hits in programs such as Stylus RMX™, Reason™, Kontakt™ and other samplers that read REX2 format.



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