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Home » 2009 » January » 15 » Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Pro (Kontakt conversion)
Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Pro (Kontakt conversion)
Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Pro

The Vienna Symphonic Library announced the August 2003 release of its Pro Edition, which more than doubles the size and dimension of the First Edition. The First Edition was released last year, and will continue to be available.

With nearly 360,000 samples containing over 240 GB of data, the Pro Edition of the Vienna Symphonic Library is the largest sample library created. The Pro Edition further refines the instruments already included in the First Edition, with a multitude of new expressive possibilities, and expands in scope with completely new instruments and playing techniques. Unique instruments and articulations include solo contrabass trombone, solo Wagner tuba, string ensembles con sordino in all articulations (staccato, d tach , pizzicato, tremolo, sforzato, legato, repetitions, more), col legno, sul ponticello, flautando, Bart k (snap) pizzicatos, finger tremolos, flutter tongues for all woodwinds, a second solo flute (making up a flute quartet together with the first flute, the piccolo and the alto flute), drum ensembles and many more.

The Percussion set of the Orchestral Cube is the largest percussion collection of all time with 22 GB of data. And at over 18,000 samples, the solo violin makes a debut on the virtual stage of the Vienna Symphonic Library. Beyond the violin's wide-ranging legato and repetition performances and the glissandos and runs contained in the Performance Set of the Pro Edition, the d tach and spiccato performances of the solo violin hint at the ultimate power of the complete Vienna Symphonic Library.

The Performance Set will also include new, authentic articulations, such as tremolos and glissandos for all string ensembles, and for the very first time, repetition performances for the drums, including timpani. This is all supported by the enhanced Performance Tool, which is a suite of revolutionary software performance utilities developed, and used exclusively by the Vienna Symphonic Library. The Performance Tool provides unparalleled levels of expression and authenticity, and in real-time.

Many users have expressed a desire to use as many samples as possible on their computer at one time. Since it is not possible to include both a 16-bit and a 24-bit version on one set of DVDs (due to the huge amounts of storage required), the Pro Edition will be released in 16-bit. However, the Symphonic Cube, the first hard disk edition which is due for release in early 2004, will offer options for all users. All of the samples will be included in both 24-bit and 16-bit resolution. Users will be able to configure the library for optimum audio quality or system capabilities, according to their needs.

The current prices for the First Edition products end on July 31, 2003. There will be a slight price increase of the First Edition beginning August 1, 2003. The price for the Orchestral Cube is $2,100.

This is an almost complete collection of the cube pro as far as I know, some instruments might be missing, which you can see from the missing title numbers. This is converted from GIGA to Kontakt (NKI+WAV) format for easy use in the modern setup 

Contains: String Ensemble, Violin Ensemble, Viola ensemble, Cello ensemble, Double bass ensemble, Solo violin, Solo cello, Harp, Piccolo Flute, Flute, Alto Fute, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bassoon, Piccolo Trumpet, Trumpet, Bass Trumpet, Trumpet ensemble, Horn, Horn Ensemble, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone, Trombone Ensemble, Tuba, Contrabass Tuba, Wagner Tuba, Cimbasso, Timpani, Cymbals and Gongs, Mallets and Blocks, Bells, Percussion

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