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ARIA Sounds London Symphonic Strings First Violins KONTAKT

ARIA Sounds London Symphonic Strings First Violins KONTAKT

The first part of the "London Symphonic Strings"; the "first violins", boasting a huge range of articulations and techniques, as well as new scripting tech and possibilities.
This is a must own, as either your perfect go-to string library for any composing needs, or as a considerable addition to your existing string palette.

Recorded 24 bit at 48000Khz with four mic positions (Close, Main, Rigs and Room) in a wonderful sounding hall, LSS First Violins boasts the first user controllable slow gliss/slide patch, allowing you to perform long glissandos between any two notes, without the aid of synthesized pitch bends or artificial means, of course the essential patches, different types of legato and legato patches, less common articulations, and a collection of string sound percussive sounds, experimental sounds and builds.

The range of articulations is listed below, with many true legato patches, bowed/fingered legato, more varied types of detached notes, muted patches etc. Boasting a huge range of articulations and techniques, new scripting tech and possibilities available from a sample library, with a fantastic four mic positions, Close, Main (conductor position), Rigs, and Room.


Sustained long notes, with interchangeable fingered and bowed true legato intervals, conveniently displayed as you play on the easy to read/use user interface, as well as four crossfadable dynamic layers beginning with a beautiful sounding soft pianissimo, up to a full and powerful fortissimo.

Spiccato - Short notes, for all your essential driving string motifs, with 3x round robin with multi dynamic layers for up to six variations per note

Sordino sustained long notes, with crossfadable dynamic layers and true legato intervals

Molto Sul Ponticello - The raspy and hollow sound when players bow closer to the bridge, bringing less of the fundamental note out, and more of the naturally occurring harmonics. This patch also has crossfadable dynamic layers and true legato

Sordino Spiccato - Spiccato played with mutes on, 4x round robin variations with multi dynamic layers for up to eight variations per note.


Glissando/Slide - the first user controllable slow glissando patch to exist! Slide between any two notes with this new fantastic scripting technique without any synthesized or artificial pitch bending. 100% recorded genuine slide between notes. Higher velocity = faster slide. See Demo Video below.

Colle - Short note where players start with the bow on the string and lift off, causing a harsh scratch at the beginning of the note. With 4x round robin variations per note and multi dynamic layers, you have up to eight variations per note.

Martele - Intense, slightly longer detached notes using more of the bow. 2x round robin variations.

Pizzicato and Bartok pizz - Players pluck the strings, as well as "Bartok pizz" where the pluck is hard enough to cause the string to snap back against the fingerboard. 2x round robin per note, with three dynamic layers, for up to six variations per note.

Col Legno - striking the strings with the back, wooden side of the bow. 2x round robin variations per note.

"Violin Concerto" - Leading soloist playing loud with vibrato, over the rest of the section, who play softly with mutes. Yet another addition to the possible colour of sound you can give your score.

String SFX - Variety of string effects, clusters, percussive sounds, experimental sounds, noises, builds etc

This sample library can be played in Kontakt 4 and above

Home page: http://www.ariasounds.com/symphonic_strings_kontakt_orchestral_violin_1.html




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