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Home » 2015 » April » 17 » YAMAHA MOTIF XF for KONTAKT (32 GB)


With the Yamaha MOTIF XS, inspiration is just a key press away. High-quality sounds to inspire you, intelligent arpeggiators to fuel your creativity, recording features to capture every idea, built-in sampling to create full audio/MIDI arrangements, rhythmic Patterns to compose with, studio-style mixing controls and versatile effect processing to master your final productions.With all this and more, the MOTIF XS will soon be your favorite ‘go-to’ instrument – whether you’re composing at home, recording in the studio, or playing live.

It’s got absolutely everything you need to make professional quality music.Close your eyes, play the gorgeous sounds and rhythms of the MOTIF XS – and feel the inspiration.


* 24-bit wave samples (stereo and mono)
* Speed ​​SAMPLED!
* ATTACK, RELEASE, etc. …..
* 1210 Voices mapped
* 50 GB of sounds
* LOCATION INSTRUMENT easy – just load and run
* SAMPLES in NKI format (kontakt)

DVD 1 :

1 Acoustic Piano
2 Bass Acoustic
3 Bass Electric
4 Bells

DVD 2 :

5 Bass Synth
6 Brass Ensemble
7 Brass Orchestra
8 Brass Solo

DVD 3 :

9 Brass Synth
10 Drum Kits
11 Drum Percussion
12 Ethnic

DVD 4 :

13 Guitars AXXe
14 Flutes Woodwind

DVD 5 :

15 Guitars Acoustic
16 Guitars Clean Electric
17 Guitars Distorted Electric

DVD 6 :

18 Keys Clavi
19 Keys EP
20 Keys FM
21 Keys Synth
22 Mallet Rpipe
23 Pads Choir

DVD 7 :

24 SyncComp Digital
25 SyncComp Hook
26 Organs
27 Pads Analog

DVD 8 :

28 Pads Brite
29 Saxaphone
30 Sound FX’s

DVD 9 :

31 Strings
32 Pads Warm

DVD 10:

33 Synth Analog Dance
34 Synth Digital

DVD 11:

35 SyncComp Analog
36 SyncComp ARP
37 Synth Hip Hop
38 Synth Xtreme
39 Vox



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