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2017-03-22 Spam
341. Bruce Balestier II (ramihrdus)
biggrin Thank you very much for the welcoming! :partytime: 
Honored to share these moment(s) with you & wishing you all the best. 

Requesting an ETA on my VIP activation, I recently paid so I assume it will take more than a few hours. 

With love,


2017-01-15 Spam
340. Johnathan Wilson (solo1990)
hi just purchased my premium account and would like to know how long it take to become VIP

2016-11-30 Spam
339. owen (owengeaney)
Hi i just singed up for VIP status by purchasing 3 months tropicshare. Just wondering how long before I will be changed to VIP .Thank you.
Answer: Hi!

You're VIP Musician riht now.

Please check your PM. Thanks and best wishes!

2016-11-24 Spam
338. boniveva (boniveva)
Hi there, i just purchased a 3 month tropicshare and awaiting VIP User status.
Exactly how do I log in as a VIP?
Answer: Hello!

You're already a VIP member.

2016-11-14 Spam
337. franck ronaldo (franckronaldo)
Hi there, i just purchased a 3 month RapidShare A/C and awaiting VIP User status.
Exactly how do I log in as a VIP?

Answer: Hello!

Now you're a VIP member, please check Your P.M.


2016-10-29 Spam
336. S. T. (theiss2003)
Hello! I signed up to VIP membership, how longdoes it take to get the VIP status?
Answer: Pls check your PM


2016-10-21 Spam
335. marcus budde (michaelroom)
hi guys,

i signed up for VIP and paid for 3 month

how long is the process?

Answer: Hello!

Already done... THANKS

2016-08-19 Spam
334. Mykal Riley (Mykalriley)
Just purchased the 3 month VIP. but no access code?? How long is the process??
Answer: Hi!

Now you're a VIP member, please check Your P.M.


2016-07-28 Spam
333. Miguel Veron (elloro)
make payment for a month for 13 eur, then I reported is the minimum membership of 3 months, must pay the difference to access it. After paying the remaining 16 eur'm still waiting for my vip membership and pay 28 eur and still can not access the VIP area.
Answer: Hello!

Ok, Now your status is VIP. Please check your p.m.


2016-07-24 Spam
332. Smeevers (Smeevers)
Hi there just waiting on vip activation any idea how long will it take

Thank you for your time
Answer: Hello!

You're a VIP member.


2016-06-26 Spam
331. arun (composerarun)
The Tropicshare is active for 3 months 2 days, I just tried login to VIP Musician Account with my email id and inserted my 6 digit citibank credit card pin which i received via my mobile and it pops up "need to wait for few hours"
Is that the correct method to login? Pls guide if it is wrong method. By the way, VIP CLUB looks awesome.
Answer: Hello and Welcome !!!

Ok, You're a VIP member, please check your PM.


2016-05-18 Spam
330. Allen YaMouth (AllenYaMouth)
What is the wait time for VIP status approval?

i have transaction # and email if needed
Answer: Hello!

You're already a VIP member, please check your PM.


2016-04-28 Spam
329. JOHN HERNANDEZ (djlobo)
Hi my name is John..thank you for this Amazing site!!

2016-04-02 Spam
328. Voy Koch (asdio)
Hi I have sent few emails regarding my VIP status.
I havnt got any response yet, maybe you are not getting my emails, so Im writing again.
I have premium Tropicshare account since March 18th, 2016.
Ref. number

Would you please check on it and activate my VIP membership, thanks.
Answer: Hi!

OK, now You're a VIP member, please check your PM.


2016-03-17 Spam
327. e beech (max821)
i paid for vip membership 3 days ago, i have my tropicshare 3 month premium, but no vip status yet. When am i getting it ? getting kind of pissed off now.
Answer: Ok. Pls check your PM


2016-03-10 Spam
326. Tom de Boom (MrFunkyNL)
I upgraded to VIP, how does this work with the tropicshare account en when will it be activated?

Thnx in advance!
Answer: Hi!

You're VIP Musician riht now.

Please check your PM. Thanks and best wishes!

2016-03-02 Spam
325. andelko (djachvz)
Hi every1,

In the morning i upgrade in VIP member and i try few times again..its saying me all the time *in few hours*
..and i send u PM,
Can you check that?

Best Regards.

Answer: Hi!

You're already VIP Musician.

Please check your PM. Thanks

2016-02-21 Spam
324. nikolas kane (kanabys)

2016-01-27 Spam
323. Yoldash Rustemov (Kesra)

Could you add me pls to VIP account as I upgraded in the morning and sent you PM in this concern but no reply! Or at least let me know how long should I wait

Thank YOU
Answer: Done!
Pls. check your PM


2015-12-11 Spam
322. Jason Bourne (poiuqwer)

I've been waiting months for my VIP account now. Will I never receive it? Tried contacting people here various ways, messaging Angel, e-mails.....

Answer: Hi!

Please check your PM.


2015-11-29 Spam
321. Rob Balmaceda (OBmeister)
hi!can anyone help me. i just joined and purchase the vip access through tropic share  but when i try to click the software to try it and redirect me to pay the
same amount again. it shows on my account that it debited already. sorry
but anyone here can advice me. i would appreciate it. thanks
Answer: Hello!

I think Your case is already resolved. Please check your mail.


2015-11-12 Spam
320. Jakendrick Davison (debo2010)
Hey I signed up for VIP, just wondering how long is it going to take? ^_^
Answer: Hello!

Welcome to VSTclub family!

Now your status is VIP Musician.


Just open the FORUM page and go to VIP AREA

Best Regards!

2015-11-12 Spam
319. Jakendrick Davison (debo2010)
I am a big fan of this site! I signed up to get a  Vip membership, how long does it take to get the Vip status? It's been almost two weeks now.

2015-10-24 Spam
318. Hector Daroe (escatech)
HI! I signed up to Vip membership, how long time does it take to get the Vip status?
Answer: Welcome! Your status is VIP.

2015-09-05 Spam
317. Fabio Figallo (FabioGamer89)
I really like this Website.I'm REALLY happy that i found this Website.Everything for Music Producing mbounce ^_^

2015-08-09 Spam
316. Jack Pearce (stockwell)
Stil waiting for my account to change to VIP, i have paid.
PLease help!
Answer: Pls. check your pm. Thanks!

2015-08-04 Spam
315. Forest Smith Relative (fsrelative)
^_^ For let me join THE VSST CLUB

2015-06-25 Spam
314. Foster Farms (SDNvrtrndwn)
YEAh............. :v ;) :'(

313. Stephen R jester (DJ_metamorphsis)
Thank you but where can i download non vip instruments i am workin on somethin and i am looking for a good VST Plug in aneyone know of a good one preferably in a Non VIP section thanks :)

312. Carlos Moore (FerrariSid)
Hey guys just joined the club and became a vip member, if possible I wanted to know how long does it take to get approved?

311. Dave Turner (Jedi)
Hi there, This site is awesome! I have forgotten my original account log in details, which I have just upgraded to VIP musician status with my other email address, but can't remember the username to retrieve my old password so I can log in… Can you help? Thank you sooooooo much…….. B) ^_^ ^_^

2015-04-01 Spam
310. Julien (Pixohead)
Hi there !!
VST Club seems to be really amazing !! But  I signed up for the VIP status yesterday and I am not VIP member yet. How long does it take the process of activation ?
Big thanks !
Answer: Hello!

Now your status is VIP.

Thank You!

2015-03-03 Spam
309. Horst Fuchs (Horst_Fuchs)
Hi, I was wondering how to sign in as vip now that I upgraded. Thank you! VSTCLUB RULES!!

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