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Dear participants, the user, which will support VSTclub and will purchase a Premium for a period from 3 to 12 Months on Tropicshare.com,

receives the VIP Musician status and FULL access to VIP AREA and all exclusive downloads.

Activate your VIP account:

E-mail used on TropicShare.com *:
Transaction reference:

After activation VIP status will be available for one year.

Advantages of VIP-membership:

- FULL access to VSTclub community incl. VIP AREA

- Exclusive access to tens of thousands of downloads, with daily updates.

- No security codes

- No limits of downloads

Alternative payment method:

If for any reason you do not fit the first payment option, you can use this method:

You'll get on the end, 3 Months of TropicShare Premium + 1 year of VIP membership on VSTclub.

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