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Sound Libraries COLLECTION
Sound Libraries COLLECTION


'Nu Metal City'

A head-banging collection of construction kits covering a variety of styles,

including Nu Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, and Industrial Rock. Inspired
by the music of such artists as Slipknot, Korn, Anthrax, and Nine Inch Nails,
Nu Metal City features live and programmed drums, screamin' guitars, electric
bass, synths,turntable FX, and atmospheres.

Nu Metal City Features:

* (723 in WAV format)
* 30 construction kits with tempos ranging from 65 to 170 BPM
* Each construction kit contains a main mix,plus each element
broken out as individual loops.

:Instruments include:
* Drums
* Guitars
* Bass
* Scratch
* Atmosphere
* Synth

Drummers of Motown - WAV

Drummers of Motown distributed by Big Fish Audio allows the user to add some
history to their drum tracks with the drums and percussion from Pistol Allen,
Uriel Jones and Jack Ashford.

Combined, these drummers have played on over 350 hit records, the original
Hitsville USA "groove-masters" who supplied the beats behind tracks like,
"I Heard it Thru the Grapevine," "Tears of a Clown" and "My Girl."

The Drummers of Motown is a collection of drum loops from three of Motown’s most
well-know session drummers. These drummers have recorded percussion for such soul
greats as Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5 as well as numerous others.

This CD is unusual because rather than just feature loads of one of the drum loops,
each break has several tracks devoted to it. First up you get the contemporary
style recording in stereo, then comes a room version which has more reverb and
finally a dual mono version which has different drums on the left and right channels,
much like all those old Motown records in fact.

As well as the different recordings there are up to 22 variations on each rhythms.
The average is about 10 though, which means you often get about 30 versions of the
same loop.

It’s fair to say The Drummers of Motown is most definitely not a CD for the break
collectors as you might be initially led to believe, instead it’s more like a set
of construction kits for producers who would like to add some distinctly authentic
r’n’b styles to their tracks. The drums themselves are exactly as you might expect
and sound incredibly authentic, right down to the large level of noise on the

Spectrasonics BackBeat

Cool Acoustic Drum Grooves from World-Class Players!
The Spectrasonics Backbeat drum library is now available in AKAI format! Are you tired of searching through piles of overcooked, pretentious loops, when you're just trying to find a solid, tasty groove for your song? The Spectrasonics Backbeat library is just what you're looking for - great feeling, rock-steady grooves with attitude, but without overplaying. The variety and quality within the Backbeat library is astonishing!

Spectrasonics Backbeat at a Glance:

* Cool acoustic drum and percussion grooves in WAVE format
* Four world-class drummers doing what they do best!
* Build your own track with patterns, fills, intros, breakdowns and more
* Unique Groove Control lets you adjust feel, tuning and more

Backbeat featured players include:

* Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley)
* Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves, George Benson, The Crusaders)
* John Ferraro (Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Albert Lee, Aaron Neville)
* Eric Boseman (Liquid Grooves, James Newton-Howard)

Build your own track with patterns, fills, intros, breakdowns and more
Using Backbeat you can create your own complete drum track with Song Construction Elements including Variations, Fills, Fill Bars, Intros, Breakdowns, Ride and Side stick patterns, Add-on Cymbals and more. Backbeat lays down the perfect foundation for a wide variety of current styles.

Unique Groove Control lets you adjust feel, tuning and more
With Backbeat's Groove Control function, it's shocking how much control you have over the drummers' tempo, feel, time signature, pattern and even the pitch of their drums! The power, feel and subtlety of a live drummer, combined with all the editing control of your MIDI sequencer results in a quantum leap in what can be achieved with drum loops. When it comes to acoustic drum grooves, Backbeat should be the cornerstone of your collection

Spectrasonics Backbeat CD-ROM Features:

* Awesome Live grooves
* Authentic Sound and Feel
* Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers
* Essential Styles
* Transitional Song Construction Elements
* Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety
* Unprecedented Control
* 450 loops in 39 categories

Sony Electrocution - WAV

Sony Creative Software presents the Electrocution collection, a construction kit
that combines the best of electro-hop, darkside, big beat and intelligent industrial
music into a powerful collection of sounds that will give you the power to instantly
create detailed, fully produced original music. Sound designer, composer, and
producer Aaron Mellinger takes you beyond the presets into a world of darker dreams
and emotions with this generous supply of all the sonic elements you need to make
repeated excursions to the darkside. The beats range from slamming to ethereal,
and an excellent assortment of basses, synths and textures run from grooving to disquieting.
This library is not pasteurized for your protection, but it is royalty-free, and ready
to make your strangest dreams come true.

Neuton - TechnoTrax Loopz

A series of Synth,Drum & dance-House loops, (99 files). Ready for slicin and dice'n!!
just listen to the Audio Demo'z for a taste of whats goin on inside!

G-Force Acoustic Swing and Shuffle Grooves - (WAV,SF2,Midi)

Acoustic Swing & Shuffle Acoustic Grooves provides a treasure of drum loops,
grooves and fills, combining a warm, vintage sound with a feel that only a
world-class drummer can impart.

The CD covers a variety of styles and tempos from 70's style Glam Rock to
NuSkool R&B grooves. If you ever wanted laid back grooves in the style of
Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan) or the type of patterns that Barry White would
love, you?ve come to the right place.

Acoustic Swing and Shuffle Grooves, was played live by Shane Meehan
(Beverly Knight, Norman Cook, US3), on a classic 1970's Gretsch kit and a
Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum. Recording took place at Helioscentric Studios
on the vintage Helios desk previously used by Roxy Music and Bob Marley and
made famous by the Paul Weller album of the same name. For maximum
authenticity and dynamics, the MIDI versions of each loop were recorded on a
Roland V-Drum kit. In keeping with the GForce range of Sample CDs, Acoustic
Swing and Shuffle Grooves offers unrivalled authenticity and flexibility
because all the parts are offered as AIFF, WAV and MIDI. All the drum kits are
saved as SoundFonts for those who use Creative Labs sound cards. Acoustic
Swing & Shuffle Grooves is a 'world first' in terms of sample CDs. This disc
offers you the choice of three individual formats:

1. Over 220 MIDI loops
2. Over 100 individual WAV and AIFF hits, these being grouped into ten separate
Swing & Shuffle kits
3. Ten SoundFontÇ Swing & Shuffle kits (and each kit contains up to 10 hits)

Users can either load WAV audio loops for instant vibes, or for the ultimate in
flexibility, load the MIDI files and assign these to either the WAV or
SoundFont kits.

Bill Bruford OddTime Loops

Bill Bruford is a drummer known for innovative playing with classic rock
and jazz groups such as Yes, King Crimson, UK, Genesis, Patrick Moraz,
Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, ABWH and many others. Specializing in odd time
signatures and a distinct high pitched snare, big roto toms and pioneering
the use of percussion electronics, Bills sound has always been recognizable
as his own.

On this compilation you will find alll the 'odd-time-meters' that Bill is
famous for!! Everything from 5/4 to 11/8 time signatures, right on down to
typical 4/4 & 6/8 structures, sounding ONLY the way Bill would play them!!

This cd is in Wave format, also included in each folder are the 'nki' - kontact
files your can use with the kontakt payer.

Notorious HipHop & RnB

An incredible collection of hip hop and R&B construction kits, this
set is simply on another level. Producer/Writer Marcus "DL" Siskind
(Backstreet Boys, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah) has grabbed some
top-shelf talent including producer/mixer Chad Elliot (Destiny's
Child, DMX) and three-time Grammy Award winner Warren Riker (The
Fugees, Santana, Kid Rock) to lay down some of the juiciest tracks
you've ever heard, featuring tight beats, slammin' strings and bass,
and ridiculous guitars. On this DVD are 55 kits of top-notch material
just begging to be made into hits. This material will make its way
onto Billboards' R&B and hip hop charts; the question is whether or
not your name will be attached to it.

What's on This Disc?

* 4 GB of content (1.76 GB of 24bit WAV content)
* 2,218 loops and hits (1,164 in WAV format)

Construction Kits - 55 construction kits with BPM from 80 to 105 in
various keys Each kit contains a main mix,each looping element broken
out individually and a folder of drum hits and one-shots.
Bonus Drum Samples: In the WAV and Apple Loop folders you will find a
folder of bonus drum samples

REX Hit Menus: REX hit menus are Rex2 files that contain the hits from
each kit. The number at the beginning of each file indicates which kit
number they came from. These rex files are provided for REX users to
playback and record the hits via midi using either Reason's Dr:REX,
Logic's EXS24 or Stylus RMX. Each REX hit menu has the same mapping so
that it is easy to play them going from menu to menu. Note that each
rex menu does not necessarily fill the entire range given to each

Instruments include: Drums, Electric Piano, Rhodes, Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar, Strings, Synth, Pads, Fx, Electric Bass, Synth Bass
Organ, Piano, Percussion, Vocal Fx, and more!

Big Fish Audio Funk University

Grab your enrollment form and get to admissions, because classes are filling up fast!
If you thought you knew what funk was all about, you´d better think again. F.U. is all
about funk, and the professors here smell nasty! We´re offering specialized courses in
live, funk drumming here. No basses, no guitars, just the funkiest skins you´ve ever
heard all in WAV files. Our professors are top session pros,they´re snap on, give you
tons of variation, gangs of different kits, fills, and hot,dripping funk.Elevate your
career and get the degree you´ve always wanted by attending classes at "F.U !!!"

WestOne Drama Strings 1 & 2

Minimal, moody soundscapes for strings. Includes a variety of inter-related sounds
& emotions that can be mixed & linked to create a tailored piece of music.

Big Fish Audio - Helter Skelter

Do you crave the Zombie, or maybe the likes of NIN or Manson? Maybe you feel a
crushing beat pulse through your veins every time your head plays the tortured
waveforms of crucified synthesizers splattering themselves over the thrusting of
dark guitars. Then consume your Rage with the burning, twisted sounds of Helter
Skelter. Construction kits, drumloops, events, FX, noise loops, synth & bass
loops, synth & bass multi-samples, guitar power chords, scratch elements, steel
wheeled wizardry and more reflecting the 21st century hybrid of Rock, Industrial,
Goth, Hip Hop, Techno and Metal. "The juicy metal guitars thrash & strut their
stuff against a marvelous fusion of traditional cock-rock drumming & turntable
inspired hip-hop.

Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Samples Vol.2 - WAV

The sequel to the most popular Hardstyle sample cd worldwide! With this DVD
sample collection you get the newest sounds to transform your ideas into
hard techno tracks. More than 500 vocals in three different styles are included.
A collection of new unique sounding synths in multisampled and especially for
reason users nn-19 format.

This sample dvd contains a new large collection of bassdrums cataloged in hardstyle,
hardcore, gated bassdrums, fx kick, jumpstyle and oldschool. Also more than 140 new
drumloops sorted in hihats, tribal, breakbeat, clap, snare and ride for more
usability. Of course in acidized wave and dr.rex format. A big collection of special
effects will smooth your production with explosions, sweep effects and experimental
stuff. This DVD includes special stabhit attack sounds, the essential way to phat up
the track rhythmic. With this second strike coming directly from the blutonium studios
you will be able to produce up-to-date tracks in hardstyle, hardtrance, hardcore or

If you missed "blutonium hardstyle samples vol.1”, no problem, this dvd includes the
whole vol. 1 sample cd - WAV.

Breaks Of Passion - WAV

breaks of passion are a combination of beats, gathered from drum machines,
Vinyl samples and real drums. All loops are intended for DJ mixing in mind,
with extra Long loops, for setting up the heat of the night!!ready for slicing
and dicing if ya wanna inspire a new creative project to go in a different


Dr.Finks Funk-Factory

FiNKs FuNKY FacTORy ....
For more than ten years, Matt Fink held down the keyboard spot in one
of the most influential bands of all time: Prince & the Revolution.
Outfitted in surgeons' regalia, 'Dr. Fink' was selected by Prince to
partake in the complete vision: writing, recording, and live onstage.
Now, Matt Fink is prepared to enhance your vision, with an invitation
to the Dr. Fink's Funk Factory library, a Sony Sound Series Premium
Collection library that delivers all the core components of the classic
Eighties pop/funk sound: majestic polyphonic analog synth themes,
payday grooves captured directly from vintage machines, realtime
clavinet licks, searing solos and motifs, those classic orchestral
stabs — a complete genre delivered with total authenticity and blazing
fidelity. Capture this magical vibe — the same talent, the actual
instruments, the studio expertise, and the sound that went around the
world in a day — and turn it loose in your own digital workspace.

Jade Hills Rock-Pop Guitars

Sony Pictures Digital and Jade Hill Studios (producer of our Total Spanish
Guitar library) present the Rock/Pop Guitars collection, a beautifully crafted
collection of guitar loops designed specifically as tools for chartbound singers
and songwriters. Choose from a variety of jangly, bluesy, funky, and hard rock
chord structures, and modify these in ACID software to suit your arrangements.
Then, personalize your creations with guitar solos that range from clean and
melodic to chunky and shredded. With over 600 loops to explore and choose from,
there are an infinite number of songs waiting to be created using the royalty
free services of the Rock/Pop Guitars collection axemen, and all their bandmates
in the dream ensemble of players jamming throughout the incredible Sony Sound
Series catalog.


Guitar Grooves 2

3,400 wave files of some kik'n Smooth groovin Guitar loops with a nice
warm clean 'edge' for gettin funky on any tune you wanna lay down!!

From 60 to 130 BPM and variant riffing styles, enuff to keep you busy
for quite awhile. Straight away rock-groove styles to Funky Wha-Wha
Loops from every phrasing and style you can think of.

get out your beefiest drums, because these wave loops will demand the best!!

Zero-G Celtic - WAV

A huge range of solo riffs and phrases performed in authentic styles
by leading Celtic musicians, together with a set of multisamples for
most instruments. This is an absolute must-have collection for film
composers or anyone looking for a true Celtic flavour. These samples
will inspire you and prove very effective in setting the mood of a
track as their authenticity shines through. Add the captivating
essence of the Celtic tradition to your music!

215 Folders / 1,386 wave files .

- 6 String Guitar
- 12 String Guitar
- Accordian
- Banjo
- Bodhran
- Celtic Drums
- Fiddle
- Mandolin
- Overton A
- Overton B
- Overton C
- Overton Eb
- Galician Bag
- Northern Pipe
- Uilleann Pipes
- Northumbrian Small
- Breton Bombarde
- Wooden Flute

West Coast Funk Stew

What happens when you take LA's top Funk session players, a top rap engineer,
toss in a pinch of Soul Brother Number One and give it all a Compton attitude?
You get West Coast Funk Stew and Big Fish Audio is serving it up fresh, hot
and tasty! Construction kits, live drums, fills, bass, scratches, organs,
guitar, vocals, sax and more! It's delicious, tasty,delectably useable and
Oohh so funky! If you're cravin' some good ol' fashun, smelly Rap, Hip Hop
and R&B funk, then get yoself in the kitchen' and scoop you up a bowl!

Slice n Dice just as you need, multiple piece's and parts per wave, write a
piece for an idea or an entire song out'a one file!!

Ilio Fretworks - WAV

A landmark library featuring legends of the fretboard, it was produced in
conjunction with Frank Duncan and Produnktion Records,
(NYC Drum Works, Percussion Works)

Fret Works boasts an impressive roster of musicians playing an intriguing
variety of stringed instruments, including Hiram Bullock on 6-string,
12-string and slide guitar, Nunzio Signoire on a vintage 6-string Gibson,
Mr. Bill Simms on his National Steel, C Nausbaum on mandolin, Nat Harris
on guitar and Doug McCaskell on his custom baritone guitar.

This collection is a journey "off the beaten path” capturing the soulful
essence of Delta blues, Appalachian folk, and the roots of rock, bluegrass,
swing and shuffle. The rare performances were recorded in a musical context
with all of the raw energy and "happy accidents” that make a track live and
breathe. The phrases are tempo-tuned for easy sequencing, and most are
provided in several tempos for flexibility. They’re divided into four or
eight bar patterns and free-style riffs which can be strewn together in
countless ways to create your own unique solos.

The vast musical experience represented in these fine performances will bring
your tracks to that next level of quality and musicality.

Ilio "Fret Works",acoustic-guitar riffs & licks, in 4 different bpm´s : 96,
108,120 und 132 bpm and in the most importand tons, played by bill simms,
doug macaskill, c. lanzbom, hiram bullock, nunzio signiore. guitars: national
steel, mandolin, 12 string, baritone gitarre, vintage gibson.


M-Audio ProSessions (Underground Sound System) Vol.19 - WAV/REX

Underground Sound System packs the power to move the dance floor.
Ball of Waxx producers John Kelley and DJ Brian have recreated
their special brand of pounding techno and electronic tech house
they use to fill dance floors from L.A. to Tokyo. It’s the latest
sound from the underground.

Reggaeton - Hot - Latin - Hip Hop

Over the past several years, reggaeton has emerged from the
underground dance scene to storm onto the urban music landscape.
Deeply rooted in reggae, dance hall, hip-hop, bomba and merengue, the
reggaeton revolution has only just begun. "Reggaeton: Hot Latin Hip
Hop" construction kits give you the power to create music with this
scorching new Latin sound. Producer Josquin des Pres, along with his
Track Star Studios team, once again calls on his vast experience in
producing current Hip Hop and Latin music to deliver this authentic
collection. So if you're ready to mix up your own brand of hot Latin
flavor, turn up the heat with Reggaeton!

What's on This Disc?

3.2 GB of content (1.65GB in WAV content)

Construction Kits - 40 construction kits with BPM from 84 to 106 in
various keys. Each kit contains a main mix,each looping element broken
out individually and a folder of drum hits and one-shots. Each kit
also contains a folder of hits and a folder called 'drum tracks'.
'Drum tracks' give you access to the individual elements of the drum
loop. You can now mix it however you'd like,or use an individual
element separate from the drum mix.

instruments include: Drums, Synth, Bass, Guitars, Marimba, Strings,
Xylophone, Horns, Accordian, and more!

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