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Home » 2009 » March » 19 » Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large v2.11 FULL + Update 2.12
Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large v2.11 FULL + Update 2.12
Meldaproduction Mdrummer 2 Large v2.11 FULL + Update 2.12

MeldaProduction has finally created the total drum solution: MDrummer. MDrummer is a highly sophisticated percussion workstation which combines features of all of current products on the market into one single instrument.

# VST plugin & standalone application, incredible sound and rhythm systems provide everything you could ever need! Not just a sampler, not just a synthesizer, not just a loop player... It is more versatile than you could ever imagine! It can play acoustic jazz swing with brushes, bossa nova, pop, r'n'b, hip-hop, drum'n'bass... If you can imagine it, MDrummer can play it.
# Free drum VST plugin - MDrummer S is a totally free version of MDrummer! It contains everything you need - the standalone application and VST plugin compatible with most of the VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk etc. You do not need to look for drum VST warez anymore, because this one is really free! Just download, install and enjoy the power of the MDrummer VST plugin and standalone application.
# A huge library of resources is included, of course. This consists of

* 4.5GB in 500+ multisamples (Gretsch Birch and Sonor S-Class drumsets played with sticks, mallets, floppy, brushes and hands)
* 150+ drumsets
* 750+ drumset components to generate your own unique drumsets
* 200+ rhythms
* 100+ base-rhythms useful to help you generate your own unique rhythms
* 12000+ loops (most of them recorded) useful to generate your own unique rhythms
* Subsample libraries, samples, effect configurations, layers and much more...

# Updates and packages free for life - MDrummer downloads and installs updates and additional resources (samples, subsample libraries, rhythms, grooves...) for free! No more extension packs, we want our customers to be satisfied forever!
# Incredibly versatile sound system lets you tweek sounds using the most advanced tools available - plugin based sound generators (several samplers and synthesizers) and effects (compressor, equalizer, limiter, analyzer, phaser, vibrato, tremolo...), an unlimited number of drum slots, velocity layers and effects...
Studio samples of drums and percussion? Of course.
Electronic sounds? Of course.
Something really original? Of course - just look at the features of MDrummer's sound generators...
# Drumset generator and merger can be used to generate an almost unlimited number of original drumsets in just a few clicks. If you do not want to waste your time with complicated sound configurations or just need some quick inspiration, this is simply the fastest way to get it done on a computer!

You can generate more than 33 millions of millions of millions drumsets from ready-to-use drumset components included in the full version by pressing a single button. 16,500 of them will have unique bass and snare drum combinations. Really! It is that simple!
# Rhythm system (MRS) is a breakthrough in drumming technology. MDrummer rhythm system gives you power to create rhythm tracks in 2 minutes without limiting your creativity! Any style, any signature, any percussion instrument, strictly general MIDI compatible... And if you ever find that you are not satisfied, it takes just a few more clicks to change the rhythm throughout the entire song! Impossible? Not any more! No more MIDI files, grooves, loop collections...
# Plays groove, automatically inserts fills, and just works like a real drummer. And now you can jam with him! Give him the order to play and he will know what to do. You can practice jam with him, build rhythm tracks for your songs, or even use him instead of a real drummer, because he is at least as good as your current drummer! Connect your MIDI device, enable jamming mode and just start playing. MDrummer will do his best to play along with you!
# Rhythm generator creates an entire rhythm containing grooves (alterations with different complexity levels) and hundreds of fills, intros and outros from just one groove base loop! This way you can always create the perfect rhythm track for your song. You create a single groove base loop which defines the general feel of your rhythm track (MDrummer makes this very easy to do). Then you select a few predefined settings, click the �Process� button, and that is it. In almost no time you will get exactly what you want! (Or maybe even something better...)
# Song structure system - now you can start without any MIDI commands at all. MDrummer provides a simple editor to construct your song structure which can then be used to drive MDrummer. Start MDrummer, load a drumset and rhythm and just like that, your drum track may already be finished! Using drag & drop, you can create a MIDI file containing commands for MDrummer, which you can then drop into your host sequencer to get more sequencing flexibility using our MIDI command system. As always, your song structures and layouts can be saved from within MDrummer.
# Incredibly simple and fast user interface. All controls in MDrummer are laid out so that you can easily configure everything as smoothly and quickly as possible. No confusing knobs and complicated layouts. You always see the exact value you are editing, and you can get help at any time by pressing F1 or clicking one of the "?" buttons found in each section of the interface.
# Save your own resources and organize them in folders for quick access in any project. (And we can even sell your data for you!) MDrummer lets you to store almost anything - drumsets, rhythms, drums, layers, loops and so on... It is not just a VST plugin, it is a complete drumming studio!

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