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Home » 2011 » January » 3 » Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Complete Edition MULTIFORMAT
Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Complete Edition MULTIFORMAT

Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Complete Edition MULTIFORMAT

Imperfect Samples FAZIOLI Ebony Concert Grand is the World's Largest* sampled grand piano.
Commanding a powerful and magnificent sound, this imposing hand-made Fazioli ten foot Grand
Piano was created by the makers of world's most expensive grand pianos, and is considered by
many to be the Elite of all grands.

Finally, an epic grand piano has been imperfectly sampled with warmth, without sterility. Most
grand piano libraries tend towards having a sterile sound. The Fazioli Concert Grand offers an
imperfectly sampled epic sound, with a raw warm, and rich tone not heard in other commercial
grand piano sample libraries. The sound of this piano is deep, full, and epic, with real
performance elements that can't be simulated using synthesis or modelling. The Fazioli Ebony
Concert Grand is desirable for situations where you want the grand, expensive sound of a real
grand piano.

This grand piano sample library is intended for use in pop, rock, orchestral, film, classical,
jazz, and almost any other genre. The microphone perspectives have been specifically recorded
to cater for various genres and acoustic mix spaces. For example, perspective 3 was recorded
far from the piano, with more natural room reverb, and a rich tone suitable for orchestral
work. Perspective 5 has a dry, bright and thin sound suitable for busy rock mixes. Perspective
1 was recorded by the piano keys, with a beautiful and imperfect sound character suited to
solo work.

The Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand is provided in 24-bit audio fidelity with a dry mic
perspective, wet room perspective, player, close-mic'd, and internal perspective, all with
imperfectly and perfectly sampled instruments, the Ebony Concert Grand is essentially 10 high
resolution grand pianos in one package. This sampled grand piano is intended to contain an
epic piano sound for every situation

The Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand (complete) contains 3 microphone perspectives with up to 14
velocity layers, release samples, true staccato, picked strings, piano effects and performance
sounds. As with all imperfect samples, natural performance elements are included, such as the
sounds of the fingers touching the keys. No robots or sampling machines were used here.
Provided at full 24-bit audio fidelity, this grand piano sample library totals 30GB of data
and over 8000 unique samples. This is essentially three distinct grand pianos in one package.
Microphone perspective 1 was recorded 2 inches from the sound-board, for an organic warm
sound, perspective 2 was recorded directly inside the instrument, for a clean sound, and
perspective 3 was recorded 2 metres away from the piano for a "wet" room sound. Treat this
sampled piano library like a live instrument; mix the perspectives like you would a live
recording. This piano library uses direct-from-disc technology, which means it has a RAM
footprint of only about 350MB.

Here at imperfect samples it is believed that the key to getting a decent sample library is
down to the sound, not specifications on paper. Sound is an ineffable quality that that
doesn't come down to quantifiable methods such as number of velocity layers. However, if 14
velocity layers in each perspective isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, an (extreme)
package is available, with even more velocity layers and mic perspectives.

Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand (Complete) Instruments:
Mic Perspective 1 (2 inches from the soundboard, for a warm, organic sound)
Fazioli Concert Grand (14 layers)
Fazioli staccato (6 layers)
Fazioli Picked Strings
Ebony Grand FX

Mic Perspective 2 (inside the piano, for a clean sound)
Fazioli Concert Grand (12 layers)
Fazioli staccato (6 layers)
Fazioli Picked Strings
Ebony Grand FX

Mic Perspective 3 (2 metres from the piano, for a distant mono "room" sound)
Fazioli Concert Grand (8 layers)
Fazioli staccato (6 layers)
Fazioli Picked Strings
Ebony Grand FX

This library supports the following formats: VST, AU, EXS24, Kontakt 4 (or higher)*

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