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2024-05-14 Spam
367. Helenio (haherrera)
Hi. I need a rapper male for a collaboration with a female singer. Email me for more details about style and lyrics.

2024-04-22 Spam
366. kevin (greyskull)
I can't seem to log into my Tropicshare account. The site responds to all of my clicks except for the 'Log in' button. Any thoughts on this. Thanks
Answer: Hello,

Try to erase the cookies in your browser.

Or try to use a different browser.

2024-03-11 Spam
365. mario (patikomposisi)
i just purchased 3 months Tropicshare acc,how long i need to wait for VIP status?
Answer: Hello,

Your account has been updated. Please check your Email or P.M.

Thank You!

2023-11-08 Spam
364. nothing (nonamehere)
Purchased VIP yesterday and it's still not working, how long? Thanks
Answer: Hello,


Thank You and sorry for the delay.

2023-11-08 Spam
363. vavadi (vavadi)
Hello, I bought a 3-month premium membership from TROPIC SHARE yesterday. On the “Activate your VIP Account” page I entered my email address and PayPal’s Transactions ID. I didn't receive an email. Can you please check if everything is correct. Thank you.
Answer: Hello,


Thank You and sorry for the delay.

2023-11-06 Spam
362. Роза Воскобойникова (Rose)
Welcome to all our New Members. Keep always your most beautiful smile and have fun in My, Our and of course YOUR CLUB ;-)

2023-04-19 Spam
361. pmr (tpstiller)
Hi there, just bought 3mons Tropicshare. I cannot submit the VIP request (The post contains a prohibited URL).Could you please help me? Thx!
Answer: Hi,

Ok, Your account has been upgraded. Please check your Email.

Thank You!

2022-08-13 Spam
360. dieter henrick (ditzehenrick)
hello, help me! wheres my vip account smile
Answer: Welcome to the VIP Family!

2022-05-15 Spam
359. Kat (Karilina)
Hello, I just bought the TropicShare when does my account get upgraded to VIP? smile
Answer: Hello, pelase check your email.

Thank You!

2022-03-20 Spam
358. serri (serri)
Help me
Answer: Hi, You're already VIP, please check your PM.


2021-12-08 Spam
357. fufu (pablothebarber)
wheres my vip
Answer: Hi, You're already VIP, please check your PM.


2021-10-06 Spam
356. Marcos Aurélio (marcossaurelioo2)
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, I signed up today! Well I would like to introduce myself because I realized that we have a lot of active members and supporters and I really want to meet them!

I also need to thank you for making all this vast material available for free, just to help! You are to be congratulated and deserve a lot of praise, it is absolutely the biggest collection I have ever found on the Internet, and everything is very organized and with great quality!

Well, having said that, my name is Marcos Aurélio and I live in Brazil! I wrote all this with the help of good old Google translator! If the translation was not coherent, I apologize! Well, I think it would be interesting for me to say, I'm a beginner in music production and that was the greatest gift a mere beginner could ever receive!

Fraternal hugs to all, I love you all!

2021-06-13 Spam
355. link (linksnap)
glad i found this great community hub after taking a long time off^^
great work everyone !! rockon

2021-02-02 Spam
354. Carl (CalmMatters)
Hello, I'm having trouble with the files I download through tropicshare. I'm able to extract them, but upon opening the extraction there are no content in the folders. What am I to do?
Answer: Hello,

Try to redownload all the corrupt archives.

Always download links one by one

make the following JDownloader configuration:  Settings -

Max. Chunk per Download = 1

Max. Simultaneous Downloads = 1


We recommend to install the latest version of WINRAR



WIN alternative: https://www.7-zip.org

Type the RAR password manually, or copy paste it without a blank_ space.

Don't use VPN when you download.

Also, try to use the Archive Repair Function

If you use MAC, try one of these software:



Best way to unarchive the RAR archives is to use WINDOWS based machine in couple with latest version of WINRAR.

Best Regards

2021-01-04 Spam
353. Ryan Mchugh (monoman)
Hi! I purchased VIP in december but never got a transaction ID. Do I need to do anything else?
Also, I'd like to invite a friend to the VIP area. How do I do that?
Answer: Hi,

Please check Your P.M.

On the main page, on the right side you will find Advise a friend button.

Look at the screenshot: https://c.radikal.ru/c28/2101/46/0c5a4c166193.jpg

2020-01-04 Spam
352. Liz (Sootyandsweepy)

Just did all the necessaries for VIP membership - how long does it take to sort out?

Best regards and love your site

Answer: Welcome to VIP family!

2019-10-24 Spam
351. JeffreyStarr (jeffreystarr)
Hi i purchased a 3 month sub to Tropicshare.com. Still waiting on my VIP membership and I can't find my transaction ID.
Answer: Welcome to VIP family!

2019-09-06 Spam
350. DieEneGember (DieEneGember)
I paid for the VIP membership, haven't received anything yet...
Answer: Hello!

Now your status is VIP, please check Your P.M.


2018-01-05 Spam
349. Rose (Rose)
If you want to be member from the best club. Welcome in VSTClub ;-)

2017-12-28 Spam
348. DiegoBas (diegobas)
Hi guys!
I'm new here.
Is there any chance to know why that all files that i  have download are broken at the opening file RAR?

Answer: Hi, please check your personal messages.

2017-11-27 Spam
347. Matthias Holbein (MFS)
Are there any probs with tropicshare, permanetly got timeouts or host offline in Jdownloader

2017-11-15 Spam
346. Homer Cerrafon (17BC)
hi just purchased the vip premium account just wanna how will it take to kick in
Answer: Answer: Hello!

Now you're a VIP member, please check Your P.M.


2017-11-07 Spam
345. Rose (Rose)
The best Club all over the WWW ;-)

2017-10-17 Spam
344. Flutzy (flutzy)
I lik guitar e it.

2017-10-15 Spam
343. Rose (Rose)
Welcome in our and your club everybody ;-)

2017-10-01 Spam
342. JeffreyStarr (jeffreystarr)
Hi just paid for the VIP and was wondering how long before my account changes to VIP? Thank you!!!
Answer: Hi,

already changed, please check your mailbox.


2017-08-21 Spam
341. Zack Riva (mohicaan)
Hey vst. just purchased 3 months from tropicshare. Wondering if I have to do something else to become VIP.
Answer: Hello,

please check your PM or mail.


2017-07-19 Spam
340. Eric (dennyjr)
Hey there, I jus bought 1 month of tropicshare and I'm really confused on where to find my "transaction ID" requested to become a member.
Answer: Hello!

Congrats,You're a VIP Musician now.

Please check your PM. Best regards!

2017-06-18 Spam
339. kes (kesfes)
i love vstclub .  smile

2017-06-01 Spam
338. R C (tcheatas)
Hey I'm still waiting for my VIP activation... Thx... playboy
Answer: Please send me the emaiol address used on Tropicshare. Thanks

2017-03-26 Spam
Hi there, I came accross this site and for what I have seen so far, it does really look amazing!.
I see there is good stuff, mainly labeled as VIP.
I'd like to know if once you are VIP you also need to have a contract with a particular downloader service.

2017-03-22 Spam
336. Bruce Balestier II (ramihrdus)
biggrin Thank you very much for the welcoming! :partytime: 
Honored to share these moment(s) with you & wishing you all the best. 

Requesting an ETA on my VIP activation, I recently paid so I assume it will take more than a few hours. 

With love,


2017-01-15 Spam
335. Johnathan Wilson (solo1990)
hi just purchased my premium account and would like to know how long it take to become VIP

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