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RAR Extractor Max

What is it?
Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and a large number of audio applications support VST under license from its creator, Steinberg.
Home » 2023 » December » 26 » Spitfire Audio Percussion Swarm KONTAKT | 62.5 GB
Spitfire Audio Percussion Swarm KONTAKT | 62.5 GB

Spitfire Audio Percussion Swarm KONTAKT

Bring your scores to life
A one-of-a-kind, encyclopaedic collection of beautiful cloud-like evolutions, pointillistic textures and single hits created from tuned and untuned percussion. This new world of dynamic sounds is a collaboration with three of the world’s most renowned percussionists, equipped with their enviably rare and extensive range of instruments.

Following the same groundbreaking concept as our celebrated Swarm series, various techniques were performed simultaneously at random intervals in the inimitable resonance of The Hall at AIR Studios — resulting in undulating textures and swarm-like swells ranging in sparsity and density, with a staggering 16 signals to choose from. Percussion Swarm also offers you 30 warped pads and rhythmic textures, and 235 snapshots, presented in our Mercury Synth engine.



Widescreen percussion innovation
A distillation of months of musical experimentation and innovation, this epic and versatile set of tools follows the blueprint of our celebrated Swarm libraries, designed to add movement, depth and a modern edge to your TV, film or game scores. We have taken all of the sampling techniques we learned over the last three years and applied it to percussion, asking ourselves, what if you take percussion instruments, and play them as if they are strings? Percussion Swarm features truly stunning performances from some of the world’s finest percussionists, equipped with their enviably rare instrument collections: Paul Clarvis, Frank Ricotti and Gary Kettel, who have performed on our existing percussion libraries and are renowned for their prolific film work.

The Mercury Synth
The warped section takes these organic sounds to a completely new place, giving you 30 warped sounds and 235 snapshots created by our expert team of developers. Made using granular synthesis, guitar pedals and other outboard gear, discover an extensive range of otherworldly pads, evolving swells and atonal rhythmic textures, all presented in our Mercury Synth engine.

The overview panel
This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.


What's included

4 pallettes

Long, looped notes, with a slider controlling the density of the hits

Swelling short notes with a slider controlling note length and speed of swarms

Short single notes and hits with sliders controlling tightness and release

All in ones
Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short Soft sticks
Pitched cloud hot rod
Swarmed sticks hot rod
Short soft sticks hot rod

Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short soft sticks

Glass glockenspiels
Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short soft sticks

Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short soft sticks

Pitched cloud
Pitched cloud fingered
Swarmed bows
Atonal cloud
Short soft sticks

Tubular bells
Pitched cloud
Superball cloud
Swarmed fingers
Swarmed superball
Short soft sticks
Short superball

Tubular bells metal sticks
Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short metal sticks

Chimes & phones
Pitched cloud
Swarmed bows
Short soft sticks

Wah chimes
Pitched cloud
Swarmed bows
Short soft bows

Pitched cloud
Swarmed sticks
Short soft sticks

Pitched cloud
Swarmed bows

Hand bell carousel
Pitched cloud
Swarmed bows
Short soft sticks

Atonal cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks
Short hard sticks

Atonal cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks

Atonal cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks

Atonal cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks

Atonal cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short hits
Short soft hits

Swarmed bows
Pitched cloud
Short soft sticks

Pitched cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks

Tongue drum sticks
Pitched cloud
Superball cloud
Swarmed sticks
Swarmed superball
Short soft sticks
Short superball

Tongue drum fingers
Pitched cloud
Swarmed fingers
Short soft sticks

Close pans

Extras & mixes


Warped snapshots
Amasia - battle of 1297
Amasia - big Bang
Amasia - blown Out
Amasia - default
Amasia - everything
Amasia - giant's Heartbeat
Amasia - missing
Amasia - robot Veins
Amasia - skipped A Beat
Amasia - tiny Heart
Amazonia - default
Amazonia - forest
Amazonia - irreversible
Amazonia - mod
Amazonia - pan pad
Amazonia - positive
Amazonia - reichesque
Amazonia - rooted trees
Amazonia - slow space
Amazonia - trust
America - a train
America - baby bubbles
America - coral reef
America - default
America - dial up
America - fingers
America - hydro organ
America - more movement
America - sea sick
America - water tremolo
Artica - around
Artica - baby penguins
Artica - crisp
Artica - default
Artica - hollow
Artica - sad 'n' sweet
Artica - tangy
Artica - the glacier
Artica - tundra winds
Artica - walker
Atlantica - circus act
Atlantica - default
Atlantica - industrial ring
Atlantica - morpheus
Atlantica - spring
Atlantica - trap door
Atlantica - werk
Aurica - black ice
Aurica - changing
Aurica - default
Aurica - dystopian big ben
Aurica - haunted bell pad
Aurica - icy lake
Aurica - resister
Aurica - ritual
Aurica - short changed
Aurica - wow and flutter
Avalonia - atonal gust
Avalonia - corrupt electricity
Avalonia - default
Avalonia - distant impact
Avalonia - jupiter storm
Avalonia - rather fat
Avalonia - whoops
Baltica - default
Baltica - moon
Baltica - ocean
Baltica - reverend
Baltica - specimen
Baltica - swellboi
Baltica - transmissions
Chilena - default
Chilena - empty
Chilena - ice queen
Chilena - light lead
Chilena - surprise
Chilena - up and away
Chilena - wobble
Chilenia - default
Chilenia - extra crunch
Chilenia - ouen
Chilenia - sands
Cimmeria - default
Cimmeria - galaxy
Cimmeria - meteor shower
Cimmeria - orb
Cimmeria - portal
Cimmeria - stardust
Cimmeria - stratucci
Congo - alien whistle
Congo - default
Congo - fade away
Congo - mono ghost
Congo - mothclub
Congo - on the beach at night alone
Congo - tapeworm
Euramerica - default
Euramerica - drainpipe
Euramerica - drift
Euramerica - fizzy
Euramerica - gentle
Euramerica - got lost
Euramerica - pulsar
Eurasia - default
Eurasia - float away
Eurasia - mars organ
Eurasia - night sky
Eurasia - our moon
Eurasia - space gliss
Eurasia - where's my flute
Gondwana - cold shiver
Gondwana - default
Gondwana - hopeful
Gondwana - music box
Gondwana - selected ice works
Gondwana - shining
Gondwana - tidal
India - atmos
India - clean and mean
India - default
India - drone
India - rezonator
India - scanning
India - tight and bright
Kalaharia - another room
Kalaharia - default
Kalaharia - functions on the low
Kalaharia - jupiter
Kalaharia - kind knight
Kalaharia - merry go round
Kalaharia - midnight mass
Kalaharia - organ breathes
Kalaharia - turbine
Kalaharia - windy
Kenorland - 1310
Kenorland - awaken
Kenorland - ceremony
Kenorland - default
Kenorland - dundas
Kenorland - landing
Kenorland - return
Laurasia - clean delay
Laurasia - default
Laurasia - percussion bends
Laurasia - planet destroyer
Laurasia - spinner
Laurasia - tremor
Laurasia - underworld
Laurentia - can't help
Laurentia - default
Laurentia - in the shadows
Laurentia - not saved
Laurentia - organ
Laurentia - power
Laurentia - until the light takes us
Nena - 1984
Nena - crazy
Nena - default
Nena - help me
Nena - not true romance
Nena - still
Nena - vibolo
Novopangaea - 2049
Novopangaea - cable
Novopangaea - crash
Novopangaea - default
Novopangaea - distorted delay
Novopangaea - drive space
Novopangaea - drive
Novopangaea - iron
Novopangaea - modulated percussion
Novopangaea - phase air
Nuna - breaking
Nuna - cab
Nuna - default
Nuna - edge
Nuna - gnarly
Nuna - mono no aware
Nuna - no comply
Pangaea - default
Pangaea - ice cold
Pangaea - lost
Pangaea - mountain chimes
Pangaea - swimming shorts
Pangaea - underground
Pangaea - where am I
Pannotia - 13 angels
Pannotia - broken tape
Pannotia - cashews
Pannotia - default
Pannotia - kino
Pannotia - mac music
Pannotia - organ doner
Protolaurasia - black moon rising
ProtoLaurasia - default
Protolaurasia - dots
Protolaurasia - joono
Protolaurasia - movement
Protolaurasia - selected ice works II
Protolaurasia - sweet
Rodinia - baroque lazer
Rodinia - changing gears
Rodinia - default
Rodinia - hang ten
Rodinia - okay then
Rodinia - razor bass
Rodinia - razor lead
Sclavia - all good
Sclavia - cassette
Sclavia - default
Sclavia - from a distance
Sclavia - infancy
Sclavia - jupiter rising
Sclavia - ladywell
Siberia - default
Siberia - double dip
Siberia - eon
Siberia - fade
Siberia - fond
Siberia - pass this on
Siberia - slow
Ur - axolotyl
Ur - default
Ur - exoddus
Ur - oddworld
Ur - oil
Ur - poison
Ur - water
Vaalbara - default
Vaalbara - eunomia
Vaalbara - manhattan
Vaalbara - plip vaalbara - plip
Vaalbara - reflective
Vaalbara - rewind
Vaalbara - voice of the mysterons

Mics & mixes
Super close
Close valve

Close pans
Super close panned (L)
Super close panned ®
Super close panned ©
Close valve panned (L)
Close valve panned ®
Close valve panned ©

Stereo pickups
Ribbon pair
Mid mix
Small mix


Tech specs

Mac system requirements
~ Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 13
~ Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM
~ Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM
~ Both Intel and Apple Silicon/ARM are supported
~ 32-bit systems are not supported.

PC system requirements
~ Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)
~ Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM
~ Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM
~ 32-bit systems are not supported.

File size
~ 122.00 GB disc space required during install
~ 59.60 GB download.

Kontakt player
~ Kontakt Full or Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher


Home page: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/percussion-swarm



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